Monday, 26 September 2011


Here I go, whinging again. Now some time ago (about a year) there was an antisocial family living near my place of work in Southampton. They had made their neighbours lives hell, including dumping excrement in their garden, threats of violence etc. Eventually these people were evicted, but because of our laws they had to be re-housed! Fair enough you might think, they were re-housed in Millbrook, and hey ho they started all over again! More anti-social behaviour, with one of the children being arrested for theft. Once again they were evicted, these people deserve nothing because they do not respect anything or anyone.
So what happens? They are given £2,500 to help them on there way, oh and by the way, they will be re-housed, because our law says they must!

So who's got it right then?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Unions will never learn

OK, I know I'm moving away from my main theme here but, is it me or do other people think the same?
The world is in financial meltdown, thousands of peoples jobs are at risk here in the Uk because the
economy is struggling and yet, despite all of this, our wonderful Unions have decided to bring this country to a standstill!
WELL DONE!! That's really going to help things, in fact it is so shortsighted, I can't believe it!
Does anybody really think that this action is going to help?
It may be a short term fix for a few money grabbing egotistical Union bosses but in the long term it will  do more harm than good, please listen to common sense and ride this storm until things get better.
Don't let some power mad little idiots ruin this country!

Friday, 16 September 2011


Well can Southampton afford to share the cruising business with Liverpool?
It does seem a little unfair that we should get it all, after all that part of the country probably needs a little financial lift. We do quite well down here in Southampton, and lets face it, the Cruise industry has grown massively over the last decade. Where we have gone wrong is exactly what I have spoken about previously, we do not promote this city enough!
So come on lets give Liverpool some of the business and maybe work a little harder at bringing Southampton into the spotlight, with maybe just a little more imagination when it comes to the redevelopment of  the waterfront area.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well, not much to write about this week, except Ham and Cheese!
On monday morning this week, I thought when i get home from work, I shall write my next blog.
Then it all went wrong for me, I decided to make some sandwiches to take to work. I opened the fridge door and bent to grab the Ham and Cheese from the bottom shelf and, Bang!!  My back went into spasm.
So that was that, I then spent the rest of the week horizontal and on pain killers.
I am still in some discomfort but fully intend to enjoy myself at the local curry house tonight, hopefully the odd glass of beer will numb the pain!
So as soon as I am fit and well I shall resume my bigging up of Southampton and hopefully getting some sort of feedback.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


The city council have done something positive at last! They have placed one of the anchors from the QE2 on the pavement in front of Holy Rood Church, Below Bar, Southampton.
It's all part of The QE2 Mile, which starts, I believe, from the park opposite the Cenotaph and leads all the way down to Southampton Water. Great idea!
I only know this, as there was a report on BBC'S South Today this evening, well done BBC.
In fact, even better, the anchor is directly opposite one of the best curry houses in the city 'The Coriander Lounge' you just have to go there, if you haven't already.