Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stepping Stone

I'm off to Bitterne this morning, got a few things to sort out.
I remember when Bitterne had a road going through it. It was one of the main arterial routes into Southampton, you took your life in your hands trying to cross the road, but i tell you what, it was always a bustling shopping centre. If you go there now and walk along the precinct, there are kids hanging about with nothing to do, except leave there chewing gum on benches and litter on the ground. Most of the time it is fairly empty, apart from a Wednesday when there is a market.
I must say, I did prefer it before the precinct, somehow, it seemed a more special place to go. It was to me, as a child, a stepping stone to the city of Southampton.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


We have quite a unique history here in Southampton, the Spitfire was built here in Woolston.
Consequently we were a target for the Luftwaffe. The Southampton Hall of Aviation or as it is now known Solent Sky Museum Has a spitfire on display as well as many other aircraft and interesting historical references. Sadly the museum rely on donations to keep it going, the trouble is I don't think enough is made of it! It was all crammed into what I can only describe a s a warehouse. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't it a little more important than a warehouse hidden away in a nondescript area of Southampton?
I think the aviation history of this city should be treated equally as important as something like the history of Titanic, In fact i also believe Southampton should combine the Solent Sky Museum with a museum about how Southampton survived the Blitz.
If you want to help keep this museum going, and not allow It to be lost forever you can help, just click on one of the links above.